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Academic Affairs Department

The Department of Academic Affairs is responsible for education process at the university. The department organizes designing and implementation of undergraduate and graduate curricula, planning of core and supplementary educational and training activities, scheduling of classes and quality assurance process at the university. The department is led by the Department Head who oversees the work of faculties and departments and reports directly to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. In everyday life of IUHD the department is the place where students come to apply for certificates of enrollment, transcripts and other documents for their academic record. We are the focal point responsible for strategic development of IUHD.

Our list of responsibilities include:

  • - Managing the Student Information System
  • - Curriculum design and implementation
  • - Monitoring of education process
  • - Matriculation and graduation
  • - Maintaining and releasing student records
  • - Job placement of alumni and alumni relations
  • - Certification of diplomas received in foreign countries
  • - Facilitating the work of student clubs
  • - Maintaining the Events Calendar of IUHD
  • - Preparing proposals for strategic development of IUHD
  • - Faculty recruitment
  • - Developing university digital learning platform