IUHD is preparing for OMOUS-2024: Registration Now Open for International Mathematical Olympiad

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IUHD is preparing for OMOUS-2024: Registration Now Open for International Mathematical Olympiad

The International University for the Humanities and Development (IUHD) is set to host the Open Mathematical Olympiad for University Students (OMOUS-2024) from March 3 to March 8, 2024. The event, aimed at fostering academic excellence and international collaboration, extends a warm invitation to students from both international and Turkmen higher educational institutions.

IUHD takes pride in inviting students from all parts of the academic world to participate in OMOUS-2024, a prestigious international competition designed to celebrate the achievements of brightest minds in mathematics. This Olympiad is not just about competing; it's a platform for cultivating friendship, exchanging knowledge, and building lasting connections among students and instructors.

The overarching mission of OMOUS-2024 is to strengthen friendly relations within the global academic community. By bringing together students and instructors from diverse higher educational institutions, IUHD aims to create an environment where the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge becomes a catalyst for mutual growth and understanding.

OMOUS-2024 will unfold in the form of both individual and team competitions. The individual competition is divided into two categories:

Category A: Open to students majoring in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Category B: Tailored for students majoring in disciplines other than Mathematics and/or Computer Sciences.

Simultaneously, teams comprising four students, regardless of their majors, will engage in a collaborative and challenging experience. These teams are encouraged to include participants from different universities, fostering a spirit of cross-institutional cooperation.

Participating universities play a vital role in shaping the competition. Each university can nominate several students without restrictions on the number of participants. Team leaders have until February 20, 2024 to submit three problems along with their solutions to the organizing committee, ensuring a dynamic and diverse set of challenges for the competitors.

All interested participants can register for OMOUS-2024 from January 10 to February 20, 2024, through the IUHD website at 


The official languages of the Olympiad are English and Turkmen.

For further information or inquiries, please reach out to the organizing committee through the provided contact details:

Tel: +993 65 80-99-06

E-mail: iuhdolympiads@gmail.com

As OMOUS-2024 approaches, IUHD looks forward to welcoming the brightest minds in mathematics and beyond to engage in a week of intellectual stimulation, collaboration, and the forging of lifelong connections. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to witness the power of mathematical minds at IUHD's OMOUS-2024!