International Team Internet Mathematical Olympiad

International Team Internet Mathematical Olympiad

On 19th December, 2016 students of IUHD participated International Team Internet Mathematical Olympiad. Competition was Organized by Ariel University, Israel. The official language of the competition was English, Russian and Hebrew.

The competition consists of two parts: Blitz and Championship. 

The competition was addressed to every Bachelor and Master student who interested in mathematics.

In the Blitz and Championship there were ten problems in the following areas: mathematical analysis, number theory, probability theory and combinatorics, linear algebra and analytical geometry 

Championship Competition  team "IUHD1" and "IUHD2" won Gold medal.

Team members of IUHD1: Perman Iljanov,Shahlo Hasanova, Nuryagdy Tirkeshov and Eziz Eminov. 

Team members of IUHD2: Gurbangeldi Gurbangeldiyev, Gozel Taymazova and Yulduz Jumayeva. 

Official results can be found here