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Faculty of Information technologies of the International University for the Humanities and Development is a team of young, ambitious and well-qualified scholars, teachers and researchers with strong educational background, ready to share their knowledge, experiences, and support students. The common concept of teaching in our university is based on the international study programs and methods. We use all the necessary materials, books and methods used in the top international universities in Computer Science and Information technologies fields.

The Faculty of Information technologies was established together with the university in 2014 and it is the one of the largest school of engineers in Ashgabat and a recognized scientific and research center, which carries out a wide range of educational, research and consulting activities.

There are three departments at Faculty of Information technologies of the International University for Humanities and Development:

• Department of Exact and Natural Sciences;

• Department of Computer technologies and systems;

• Department of Contemporary Computer technologies.

The faculty conducts courses in 3 undergraduate programs. About 400 students study full-time in programs delivered by the faculty.

Educational courses are provided through the following Bachelor programs.

Department of Computer technologies and systems:

- "Computer technology" – bachelor’s degree program

- "Programming for Computer system" – bachelor’s degree program

Department of Contemporary Computer technologies:

- "Information and communication technologies" – bachelor’s degree program

 The faculty has  members with extensive knowledge in the STEM fields. The teaching staff of the faculty includes specialists in the field of STEM with degrees from the United Kingdom, Republic of Korea, Republic of Turkey, People’s Republic of China, Malaysia, Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, the USA and etc.

Teachers regularly take training courses in national and international training centers and engineering and IT schools, participate in educational trainings, national and international competitions.