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Faculty of Social-Humanitarian Sciences is involved in delivering courses to all majors within the University. All courses are taught in English language exclusively. The Faculty gives opportunities to study and explore the diverse and multidisciplinary areas in majoring and related fields. Faculty teaching is closely linked to modern research and teaching methods aiming to educate future experts.

The Faculty of Social-Humanitarian Sciences was established together with the university in 2014 and it is the one of the largest school of social sciences and mass media experts. At the same time, the faculty is a recognized scientific and research center, which carries out a wide range of educational, research and consulting activities.

There are four departments at Social-Humanitarian Sciences of the International University for Humanities and Development:

• Department of Philosophy and sociology;

• Department of Journalism;

• Department of Social Sciences;

• Department of Physical Education.

The faculty conducts courses in three undergraduate programs. More than 200 students study full-time in programs delivered by the faculty.

Educational courses are provided through the following Bachelor programs.

Department of Philosophy and Sociology:

- “Philosophy” – bachelor’s degree program

- “Sociology” – bachelor’s degree program

Department of Journalism:

- “Journalism” – bachelor’s degree program

The four departments under the Faculty are staffed by distinguished scholars and dedicated instructors. They are united in their common goal of grooming younger generation to become competitive professionals. Bachelor students will further benefit from multidisciplinary diversity of the departments, and their approaches to teaching and research.

The faculty has members with extensive knowledge in the relevant fields. The teaching staff of the faculty includes specialists in the field of Philosophy, Sociology, Journalism, Archaeology, and History with degrees from Turkmenistan, Republic of Turkey, the USA and etc.

Teachers regularly take training courses in national and international training centers and participate in educational trainings, national and international competitions.