Summer stories from IUHD students (Part 3)

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Summer stories from IUHD students (Part 3)

IUHD students Mezhnun Achylov and Mukam Ezizov successfully completed the exchange program at TUFS

They have been to Japan to study at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) through 1-year academic exchange program called International Student Exchange Program of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (ISEPTUFS) in 2022-2023 academic year and completed it recently in August, 2023. At this moment, they are proceeding their studies at IUHD.

This program accepts over 200 international students, who spend half a year or a full year at TUFS. The purpose of ISEPTUFS is to provide international students with the opportunity to study in Japan, to gain proficiency in the Japanese Language, or to acquire a firm understanding of the international community and Japan's place in it.

“It was very interesting to study in Japan. By studying alongside with other international, as well as Japanese students, I gained a great deal of experience in international communication and cultural exchange. I am grateful to have such a chance to make new friends and create great memories with them. Thank you TUFS” – mentioned Mezhnun Achylov.

Currently, Mezhnun Achylov studies at 2nd year of bachelor’s degree in International Relations and World Politics major and Mukam Ezizov is in his final year of study majoring in Sociology.

Gutlymurat KADYROV,

Instructor of International Relations Department of the

International University for the Humanities and Development