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Winter Food fair dedicated to New year

by Lachyn Muhammedova

December 16, 2023, was held one of the magnificent and illustrious events – Winter Food Fair. Food fair has become one of the substantial traditions in our university. It has been organized numerous times in IUHD nevertheless it is one of the anticipated feast-day. This food fair was dedicated to upcoming New Year. The canteen of our university was decorated by poster, New Year tree and some balloons which appended specific atmosphere to this event. It should be noted that Students from all majors presented their charities with great contentedness.

Moreover, this festival has influenced the collaboration of all the students and cooperative group work where everyone can share their ideas with each other, thus this group work has given the opportunity to the students to create high quality activities together. Additionally, many of the charitable projects presented there were the result of team work.

This activity has been organizing since the establishment of IUHD and it is going to be continued to foster huge contribution to the society. Having been gathered donations will go towards New Year’s gifts for Children orphan.

Food fair lends a helping hand our students make a contribution to the lives of the people and people to whom attention is so important. This type of charity abets us become a big team to be the reason for children’s twinkle and sparkle clearly every time all students make this with great delight and fondness.

Lachyn Muhammedova,

1st year student of Journalism major