University Students’ Council (USC)


University Students’ Council (USC)

University Students’ Council is a part of structure of International University for the Humanities and Development with initiative students who dedicate themselves to recognize and guard the values and interests of the students at the University. USC must clearly communicate the wishes of the University’s students to the administration. Therefore, it becomes a crucial bridge between students and the administration of University.

USC’s main purpose is to protect, monitor and contribute to the improvement of study areas and student life at the University. USC has rights to assure quality education and monitor aspects related to the student matters and facilities in general. USC has the right to consult with the administration of University.

USC consists of fourteen members annually elected who officially represent the students of the University. These students must engage and cooperate with students of the University in order to realize, analyze and solve problems. USC has weekly meetings with all its members to discuss issues and USC has meetings on behalf of students with the administration of University. In particular, USC members, takes part in the administrative weekly meetings organized by the administration of the University.


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