Business Club


Business Club


The Business Club of IUHD was formed for students to cater and to practise their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The Business Club aims to create a community of students who work together as a team to learn how to conduct business matters in a hands-on approach.

Also, the Business Club of IUHD is publishing magazines, which include not only news about the Business Club activities, but also interesting articles related to business management each semester. The first student magazine called BC Magazine was published in 2020.

Established: December 11, 2016

Motto: “Future is ours”


The main objective of this club is to orient students to the practical aspects of business management. So that students would have the opportunity to observe, pose questions, and understand the variations and similarities in the day-to-day operations, and management of the foregoing establishments.


·         To discover your talents

·         To develop your leadership and entrepreneurial skills

·         To expand your networks

·         To learn from each other's experiences


Membership is extended to all students of any faculty. Members can enhance their leadership skills through organising and managing events and activities for IUHD student community.


The club’s activities include, but are not limited to the following:

·         Trips to local businesses to observe operations

·         Entrepreneurship competitions

·         Invitation of speakers from the banking and business communities to give seminars

·         Organizing comprehensive workshops

·         Inviting successful executives from different fields of expertise

·         Organising charitable events (fair, concerts)

·         Holding Math Classes, Debates

·         Celebrating International Day of Mathematics


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