Curious Intellects Club


Curious Intellects Club

Curious mind has no limits and they became intellects in the end. Curious Intellects Club is a team of students who will contribute to the development of the university; organize different intellectual and interesting competitions among students; show worthy progress in different aspects of university life. This club was initiated in 27.02.2017.

Motto: Vivere! Vincere! Creare! (Live! Overcome! Create!)

The goals of this club are:

  • ·        To develop leadership skills of club members and promote patriotism
  • ·        To attract students to the university's social activities.
  • ·        To provide opportunities for self-development
  • ·        To foster person-to-person communication skills of young specialists for their future career
  • ·        To improve team working, presentation, analyzing, writing and publishing skills
  • ·        To provide unique opportunities for conducting research and introduce innovations.
  • ·        To bring successes and victories to the university and thus to increase the name of IUHD.

As CIS, we believe it is substantially better when learned, when shared, when enjoyed and that is what we are going to do As Albert Einstein said: “I have no special talent. I am passionately curious”.